NEAL MORSE of NMB Discusses “Innocence & Danger” Album: “Music Is the Language Of Emotion, So We Want To Tap Into That As Much As We Can”

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After releasing the highly acclaimed double concept albums “The Similitude of a Dream” and “The Great Adventure”The Neal Morse Band are back with their eagerly anticipated fourth studio album “Innocence & Danger”. The new release sees them changing their name to NMB and returning to writing an unrelated collection of individual tracks that span through two discs containing 100 minutes of music.  

Last August 27th, fans got to hear the most collaborative NMB effort to date, as well as the record that brings to the next level the alternation between lead vocalists and the richness of the harmonies that up to four members pull off. Also, “Innocence & Danger” has not only one but two epics that will be the delight of enthusiasts of longer tracks, an approach that has not appeared on a NMB album since the debut album “The Great Experiment”.

Contributor Brian Masso sat down with multi-instrumentalist and singer Neal Morse to talk about the reason behind changing the band’s name and the different characteristics between NMB’s music and Neal’s solo work. They also chatted about “Innocence & Danger”, its creative process, how collaborative it turned to be, and the advantages that creating a non-conceptual album provided them. In addition, they spoke about how Morse’s role has evolved over time within the band, some of Neal’s favorite contributions on the record from other members, and the importance of writing about certain themes. Furthermore, they talked about some details regarding Morsefest, if they intend to continue offering a live stream option for future Morsefests, and the possibility of adding more dates to their upcoming tour. Finally, they talked about whether there are plans for upcoming releases with Flying Colors, Transatlantic, and as a solo artist, or the possibility of venturing with different musicians for a new project or band, among other things. 

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