FLAMING ROW’S MARTIN SCHNELLA And MELANIE MAU On Their New Concept Album “The Pure Shine”: “We Wanted To Do Something Special In A Prog-Rock Format”

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About a year and a half ago, Sonic Perspectives contributor Mark Boardman messaged Martin Schnella.  He’s a wonderful guitarist and singer and songwriter.  And with his partner, the great vocalist Melanie Mau, in recent years they’ve produced some beautiful acoustic music… including some amazing covers of bands you’ve heard of.

Boardman asked Martin if he would be doing prog-rock anytime soon—he’d been in several progressive bands and had shown remarkable talents in that area.  “No”.  That was about all he said.  Flat out, no.

And now, here we are about 18 months later…and Martin and Melanie are the core members of a band called Flaming Row.  Their new album is “The Pure Shine.”  And it is a progressive-rock concept album.  Things change.  But the duo continues to do their acoustic covers as well.

Mark sat down with both Martin and Melanie and discussed a myriad of topics. Listen to their interesting conversation below and remember to stalk us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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