INSOMNIUM’s Drummer MARKUS HIRVONEN On Latin America’s Love For Metal: “If You Go Further South, It Just Gets More Intense and I Don’t Know If I’m Ready for That”

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Markus Hirvonen is enjoying his break. Fresh off the European festival circuit, a four-city jaunt through Mexico, and a triumphant headlining gig at Night 1 of ProgPower USA XX, Markus and his fellow insomniacs are eager for a few weeks off before they hit the road again in support of their upcoming record, “Heart Like a Grave.” Taking a cue from fellow Finns Sentenced (which he charmingly pronounces “SEN-ten-sed”), “Heart Like a Grave” sees Insomnium applying that glorious Suomi melancholia even more liberally than before, managing to cook up a listen that’s as engaging as it is despondent, and evolving to be an epic tour de force, drawing inspiration from some of the bleakest tales, lyrics and poems of the north.

With four composers in the band the sound of Insomnium is now richer and more versatile than ever before. And yet the essence and core of the music is the same as 22 years ago. The tree grows new branches but the roots go deeper into the black, rimed soil. “Heart Like a Grave”  is currently available for pre-order and will be released in North America on October 4 through Century Media Records.

Sonic Perspectives Texas’ troublemaker Gonzalo Pozo sat down with Markus Hirvonen  to talk about their recent tour dates in Mexico, their headlining set at Atlanta, the infusion of the popular Finish downhearted themes in the new album, its musical diversity and many other topics. Remember to subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.

Slideshow photographs by Norrsken Photography and Design, Wilkinson Image and Design and Stephen Schmidt Photography


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