CHROME DIVISION’s Guitarist MISTER DAMAGE: “I Think People Deserve to See Us Live and to Celebrate With Us”

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Norway’s Chrome Division is known for many things, but most notably having a good time while playing adrenaline-fueled classic rock ‘n roll, and for being a musical outlet for Dimmu Borgir‘s Shagrath. Sadly, after 15 years or so, the band is finally calling it quits. But do not weep for them, as they are masters of their own destiny.

The band just recently released what is for all intents and purposes to be their final album, One Last Ride, and is planning on going out with a bang. The band is tight, the songs are hook-laden, rocking, and instantly singable. Also noteworthy, the quartet of Shagrath, Tony White, and Mister Damage is once again rounded out by their original vocalist, Eddie Guz. So, the album serves as a living wake for a band which is not about to go out quietly.

Sonic Perspectives‘ own author and interviewer Austin Kokel had the pleasure of sitting down with Chrome Division‘s lead guitarist Mister Damage (unfortunately it was over Skype, so no drinks were shared between the two) and they took some time to give Chrome Division a proper sendoff as they talked fondly about One Last Ride. Take a listen below!

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