Behind The Scenes of Building a New Band: John Boegehold Introduces You to PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS

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Pattern-Seeking Animals is a brand new progressive rock band founded by frequent Spock’s Beard songwriter John Boegehold. The band formed organically over the past year, initially bringing in Jimmy Keegan on drums, then Dave Meros on bass and Ted Leonard on vocals and guitar. Once InsideOut Music responded favorably to the new quartet and offered a record deal, the new band was officially born.

Originally, a vehicle for a few tracks John had been working on in early 2018, Boegehold quickly came up with enough music to work towards producing an album. He adds: “Besides live strings on a few songs and a female backing vocalist on another, it was all done between the four of us with Dave and Ted ending up as co-writers on some of the material.” 

“Pattern-Seeking Animals” Album Artwork

With the band obviously being closely associated with Spock’s Beard, John was conscious of exploring different avenues with Pattern-Seeking Animals, whether it was song structures, vocal arrangements, synth sounds or emotional textures. Pattern-Seeking Animals was a clean slate,” says Boegehold “So I found myself drawing on a few different musical influences and using some contemporary production ideas and sounds that I probably wouldn’t use with SB for various reasons.”

As they prepare to release their debut album on July 5th, Boegehold took time to talk with Scott Medina about the formation of the band and his approach to songwriting. With a second album already underway and potential live dates being lined up, a fire has been lit and these Animals are ready to rock. Enjoy this interview on streaming audio below and remember to subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on daily basis.

All photographs courtesy of Mark Berry.


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