HAKEN’s ROSS JENNINGS Talks Upcoming Album “Fauna”, Upcoming Tours and More: “HAKEN’s Music is Very Complex to Create, and That’s Why is so Rewarding to See People Loving It”

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If you’re talking about modern progressive rock and don’t bring up Haken, you’re doing it wrong. Since the south English sextet started jamming together in 2004, they’ve been one of their genre’s most loyal yet, simultaneously, adventurous forces. Every album they’ve released is distinct from all the rest, but they’re all tied together by their incalculable time signatures, fearless songwriting and majestic vocals – and, of course, their critical acclaim.

A lot of people had more time once the pandemic hit, but few made more use of that time better than Ross Jennings, vocalist of Haken and Novena. In the midst of becoming a father for the first and second time, Ross managed to work on output for both of his main bands, put out a solo album, guest on a Star One album, and start a new project with Nick D’Virgilio and Neal Morse.

As things opened up, Haken embarked on a North American tour with Symphony X returning to the live arena. Now, it’s full steam ahead once again for Haken. Their seventh album, “Fauna”, is set to release March 3, 2023 via Inside Out Music. At time of release, the band will be on tour with Between the Buried and Me across Europe, and to follow that up the band will headline North America with Arch Echo in the support slot.

“Fauna” Album Artwork

In Nick Andreas chat with Ross we talk about what he’s been up to, his input into Haken, some of the band’s songwriting trends, and his thoughts towards the future. Watch or listen to their conversation below; and remember that for more interviews and other daily content, Sonic Perspectives is on Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter and YouTube, where you can be notified about new content we publish on a daily basis.

Pre-order “Fauna” HERE.


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