JEFF SCOTT SOTO Talks ART OF ANARCHY New Album: “I Bring A Classic Rock & Blues Sound, Different Than Previous Singers”

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On February 16th, Art Of Anarchy released their third and most powerful album to date, “Let There Be Anarchy,” via Pavement Entertainment.

Jeff Scott Soto is now at the helm on vocal and purveyor of thematic lyrics, Jon Votta and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal on guitar, Vince Votta on drums, and Tony Dickinson on bass deliver a powerful metal album with technical playing and the perfect balance of melodic verses & choruses. This album builds on the success of their previous two releases, “Art Of Anarchy” (2015) with Scott Weiland and “The Madness” (2017) with Scott Stapp.

Songs like “Echoes of Madness,” “Die Hard,” and epic closer “Disarray” all showcase the band’s unbridled passion for hard rock and love of their instruments. “Let There Be Anarchy” with its ten tracks will exceed any fan’s expectations leaving them breathless by the time it reaches the last power chord. The sky’s the limit for Art of Anarchy with this new beginning.

Art Of Anarchy is doing a run of eight shows on the East Coast this month to promote their new album. Tickets for their shows can be found HERE.

Correspondent Robert Cavuoto spoke to Soto about his involvement in the band, the creation of the ten songs on the album that took over two years to complete, the lyrical inspiration for songs, his approach to keeping continuity between the band’s first two albums, and his thoughts on the status of Son Of Apollo.

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