ISAAC LAMB of KUBLAI KHAN TX Dives into New EP “Lowest Form of Animal”: “We’re Just Four Guys Who Try and Do Everything We Can on Our Own. We Like Things as Real as They Can Be.”

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Texan heavy hitters Kublai Khan have been around for over 10 years now, and since their inception, they’ve grabbed the throats of listeners, refusing to loosen the grip. Their intense blend of metal and hardcore is what they’re known for, and their latest release is a powerful display of that.

“Lowest Form Of Animal” was released on the 1st of April, but there was nothing to joke about with this EP. The 5-track release is a constant barrage of anger and power, full of explosive violence like a claymore, and the front is most definitely positioned towards the listener.

In its relatively short duration, it becomes immediately clear that Kublai Khan have a recipe for their sound. Their intimidating strength in the form of crushing breakdowns, loose and gritty riffs and straight up animalistic rhythms encapsulates the themes that are pushed towards the listener. Just because there’s a formula, however, it doesn’t mean the end product is always the same. The band keep things fresh, offering some damn catchy tracks, easily their best work yet.

Sonic Perspectives writer Josh Muncke had a chat with Kublai Khan drummer Isaac Lamb to dive into the new EP, “Lowest From Of Animal”. Working on tracks via long distance, understanding their goals for writing music, and getting hardcore icon Scott Vogel of Terror to sing on opening track “Swan Song”, they get into it all.

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