TÝR Frontman HERI JOENSEN on Nazi Fans: “If You Know How to Read, You Know We Do Not Support to the Right Extremists”

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Since their formation in the late 90s, the Faroese band Tyr has faced a number of obstacles, not the least of which include finding personnel in their sparsely populated country. From their early days as a pagan-hearted progressive metal band to their current seafaring savagery, Heri Joensen and his horde of heathens have held their heathen hammers high, and they’ve not been shy in disavowing a certain subset that’s misguidedly embraced them.

Tyr‘s forthcoming album Hel hits American shelves on March 8, 2018 via Metal Blade Records. With Hel, the band provide even more irrefutable evidence that they stand at the vanguard of Scandinavian metal. Their eighth full-length is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal that will immediately resonate with any who have followed the band at any point over the two decades of their storied career. Guitarist/vocalist Heri Joensen says “I really feel we’ve realized the vision we set out to create all those years ago, and as I listen through the album, I am satisfied with every aspect: the epicness, the intricacy, the melodies and harmonies, and the sheer heaviness of it. I love the whole atmosphere of it”

While prepping to sail seas in warmer climes, Mr Joensen was good enough to have a chat with Sonic Perspectives Texas Bureau Chief Gonzalo Pozo. As usual check out their conversation in the video below, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on daily basis.


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