STEVE HACKETT Reflects on His Recent Album: “I Wanted to Include Friends From All Over the World and Celebrate What’s Best on All Corners of the Earth”

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At 68 years of age, and soon to be 69, Steve Hackett seems unstoppable. Coming off of a tour celebrating the Genesis classic Wind and Wuthering, he recently released his 26th studio album, At the Edge of Light. In his own words, the new effort is more than just a collection of tracks. “I love experimenting with sounds and ethnic instruments, and thereby taking my ideas into other musical territories, to go where I have not artistically been before. This is essentially British music but it’s being developed in foreign soil, as it were.”

At the Edge of Light represents the master guitarist’s commitment and passion for a global perspective on the music he writes and performs. A natural sequence to his previous solo album The Night Siren, it incorporates artists and instruments from all corners of the globe, and the end result is diverse and colorful, much like the different landscapes he travels through on his extensive tours. Steve broadens his musical palette at a point in his career where his peers are usually resorting to the same tricks, and reaches out to the listener offering a global celebration, as mentioned in our review.

Fresh out of rehearsals for this current tour, where he is celebrating the Genesis album Selling England by the Pound and his solo effort Spectral Mornings, Steve took time to reflect on the new album with our interviewer multi-faceted interviewer Rodrigo Altaf. Listen to their conversation below, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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