DEAD BY WEDNESDAY Members CHRISTIAN “OPUS” LAWRENCE and DAVE SHARPE Talk Band’s Evolution: “Every Band Goes Through Different Changes and Morphs In Their Sound, That Is The Roller-Coaster Of Rock N’ Roll”

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New England’s leading metal band, DEAD BY WEDNESDAY released their self-titled full length album on April 19th, 2019 through Combat Records/ EMP Label Group. In addition, DBW released their new video for the first single off the record titled “You & Die.”

The 12 track album showcases a rebirth and rebranding of the band since their inception. A decade after their first record, the band has shown growth musically all while keeping the hard hitting grooves, integrity and passion that fans have come to expect. DEAD BY WEDNESDAY’s new record was produced by Nicky Bellmore (Dee Snider/Jasta) and was mastered by Zeuss. Their lineup has evolved as well, with the newest member, master shredder Dave Sharpe on guitar (ex-Blood Has Been Shed w/ Howard Jones, End-Time Illusion), Rob Roy on vocals and original founding members Mike Modeste on bass and Christian “Opus” Lawrence holding down the fierce foundation and furious rhythm section. The band recently accompanied David Ellefson on his Basstory Tour, with both Sharpe and Opus playing alongside Ellefson during his solo set. Christian “Opus” Lawrence is also the US touring drummer for Ellefson’s rock band with Frank Bello of Anthrax called Altitudes & Attitude.

Resident interviewer Michael Francisco sat down with both Sharpe and Opus before one of their recent shows with Dave Ellefson and they chatted about the new lineup, the band’s natural evolution in sound, the maturity in the material contained in their self-titled debut and many other topics. Listen to their chat on the links below, and remember to subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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