SEVENDUST’s Guitarist CLINT LOWERY Discusses Surprise New EP and Future Solo Career: “I Would Love to Produce Records, to Collaborate with Other Musicians – That’s Where I See Myself Going.”

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Best known for his longtime role as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for American metal band Sevendust, 2020 saw Clint Lowery embark on his career as a solo artist with the release of his first album in January. Having previously released solo material under the project Hello Demons Meet Skeletons, “God Bless the Renegades” was the first full-length album under his own name. Departing somewhat from the path he has blazed in his time with Sevendust, Lowery embraced the full range of rock as he blazed a trail that stood distinct from any project he had worked on prior. Bright and full of unique rhythms, it showed Lowery breaking out of his comfort zones in the pursuit of something unique decades into a well-established career.

Now, less than six short months later, Lowery has dropped a surprise collection of songs in an EP titled Grief & Distance.” Borne from personal life events and the effects of current events, the acoustic EP is a collection of three original songs and two acoustic versions of tracks from “God Bless the Renegades.” Stripped back and with a vulnerability listeners were not afforded in the hard-hitting “God Bless the Renegades,” this new EP seeks to connect with listeners through the shared experience of distancing during the pandemic as well as through the pain of personal loss. Not his first foray into the world of acoustic production, “Grief & Distance” strikes with a high degree of emotion and precision, reflecting a new dimension of  Lowery as a songwriter as he continues to establish his individual sonic identity.

“Grief & Distance” EP Artwork

Lowery spoke with Sonic Perspectives contributor Samantha Buckman more about what inspired the creation of “Grief & Distance,” the decision to make a surprise release, and what he expects in his future solo career. For more interviews and other daily content, make sure to follow Sonic Perspectives on Facebook, Flipboard and Twitter and  subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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