CHRIS IMPELLITTERI And ROB ROCK: “Our New Record ‘The Nature of the Beast’ Is an Adventure, Like Going to See a Scary Movie”

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With so many great metal bands fading away into the sunset, IMPELLITTERI continues to carry the torch for guitar driven heavy metal that features powerful operatic vocals, anthem style choruses, and brilliant musicianship. Chris Impellitteri’s guitar playing is majestic. His fretboard wizardry is astonishing, fierce, and influential.

On their recently released new album “Nature of the Beast”, IMPELLITTERI shine on songs like “Do You Think I’m Mad”, the Maiden influenced “Run For Your Life”, the highly energetic remake of Black Sabbath’s “Symptoms of the Universe”, and the speed metal cover of “Phantom of The Opera” . In this exclusive interview, Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf discusses with both Chris Impellitteri and Rob Rock regarding the details of the recording process of the new album, how Chris dealt with the competition with other shredders in the 80’s, how big his guitar collection is, what Rob does to keep his voice in shape and how different it to work with Chris than on his solo project.

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