Legendary Bassist BILLY SHEEHAN Talks In-Depth About THE WINERY DOGS Upcoming Album “III”, Names the 3 Most Important Records in His Life and Career

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With Covid-19 putting a stop to touring and postponing much of the activity in the music business, now’s the time to catch up. With that in mind, The Winery Dogs are back with their third album, simply titled “III”. While the first, self-titled release set the foundation for the band, and the second one, “Hot Streak”, gave way to experimentation, “III” seems like a combination of these two approaches.

Comprised of Mike Portnoy on drums, Billy Sheehan on bass and Richie Kotzen on guitars and vocals, The Winery Dogs concocted an incredible collection of songs yet again on “III”. Soulful moments like “Mad World” and “Lorelei” sit next to high octane songs like “Gaslight” and the first single “Xanadu”. “The Vengeance” and “Rise” combine extremely technical parts with catchy melodies and hooks that hark back to the origins of American rock, using bands like Grand Funk Railroad as a template and modernizing that approach. The album covers a lot of sonic ground, and drives the listeners through an incredible journey, from the first note to the last.

Fans wanting to pre-order the album and enter to win a custom Fender Richie Kotzen Telecaster guitar can go HERE. A vinyl edition of “III” will also be forthcoming in just a few months.

“III” Album Artwork

One of the key elements to the band’s sound is the prominent bass in the mix. Owner of a distinctive style, one could argue that Billy Sheehan invented “lead bass”, filling up the sonic landscape with chording, two-handed tapping and opening the doors for bass solos in rock. Sheehan kicked off his professional career with Talas, and went on to play with David Lee Roth’s band after he left Van Halen. Having reached stardom with Mr. Big, nowadays he’s a member of prog-metal act Son of Apollo, as well as The Winery Dogs.

“The response to our first two singles Xanadu and Mad World has been amazing” says Billy in a conversation with Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf. “We are very grateful to our fans and to everyone who has given us their time”

In this in-depth interview, Rodrigo and Billy discuss the inception of the album, the band extensive touring plans, the logic behind the sequencing of the songs in their live set-list, and Sheehan even goes to mention “Eat’em and Smile”, “Lean Into It” and the debut from The Winery Dogs as the three most important records in his life and career. Watch or listen to their conversation below; and remember that for more interviews and other daily content, Sonic Perspectives is on Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter and YouTube, where you can be notified about new content we publish on a daily basis.


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