BLAZE BAYLEY On His Return After His Quadruple Bypass Surgery: “I’ve Been Singing Better Than I’ve Done In Years!”

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Metal Hall of Fame inductee Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden singer 1994-1999) has already released the three singles from his forthcoming album “Circle of Stone”. The recording of the record had been completed just two days before Blaze suffered a severe heart attack in 2023, and the album was put on hold whilst health matters and recovery progressed. Having returned to live shows in late 2023, Blaze is now stronger than never and ready for a new album release and extensive touring.

Blaze‘s regular team recorded “Circle of Stone” with Christopher Appleton (of UK band Absolva) engineering, mixing, and co-producing with Blaze (split between their home studios in Manchester & Birmingham respectively), & Ade Emsley mastering. Appleton also played lead guitar alongside his brother Luke Appleton on power guitar, Martin McNee on drums & Karl Schramm on bass.

“Circle Of Stone” Album Artwork

While the previous album “War Within Me” consisted of independent and more direct songs, and his albums before that told a concept story called “Infinite Entanglement”, “Circle of Stone” is a combination of these two approaches. Tracks 1 to 6 address a variety of subjects, while the second half consists of a concept suite – a story that touches on the Celtic ethos and involves war between different civilizations, the old being replaced by the new, and other themes.

Join us as we discuss with Blaze the themes of the new album, his recovery from his health issues, his future plans, and the customary question about Iron Maiden, in a lengthy interview conducted by Rodrigo Altaf.

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