Renowned Keyboardist ANDREW COLYER Discusses the New AWAKEN Album, Touring with 3.2 Featuring ROBERT BERRY and Why You Shouldn’t Miss PROGSTOCK 2019

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Andrew Colyer should be doing something right. In a matter of years his has skyrocketed to world renowned fame. As the keyboardist for AWAKEN, CELL 15, 3.2 featuring ROBERT BERRY and his own band CIRCULINE, Andrew has achieved highly acclaimed success, in the world of Progressive Rock music.  Today Andrew discusses the many facets of his career and how he embraced his love for music as a dream that just wouldn’t die.

With the latest AWAKEN release Out Of The Shadows, Andrew has taken part in presenting  a piece of progressive rock mastery.  With cohorts and founding members Glenn DaGrossa, Mike Marrone, Eddie Jucius and special guest guitarist, Eric Gillette (of the NEAL MORSE BAND fame), this group of hard hitting rockers, have released a gem of an album, in a style that has been long missed by prog-rock fanatics.  This new release is destined to be embraced by those that love brilliant operatic metal vocals with a hard core, yet amazingly melodic driving punch.

However, Andrew doesn’t stay still, and keep adding successful notches on his belt. His band CIRCULINE, has been recognized by Prog Magazine, as one the most promising progressive rock bands in the worldwide scene, and he has also joined forces with Robert Richardson and his powerful vision for CELL 15, stunning live crowds and receiving standing ovations at national festivals. Andrew has now been tasked to take on the last writings of keyboardist demi-god, Keith Emerson, touring with 3.2 featuring Robert Berry.  The tour is to back up the release of The Rules Have Changed, an album written by former ‘3’ (aka Emerson, Berry and Palmer) vocalist Robert Berry and Keith, an album that was being written at the time of Keith’s untimely death in 2016.

Sonic Perspectives contributor Ron Matthews had the opportunity to sit down with Colyer and discuss the new AWAKEN album, the upcoming tour with 3.2 featuring ROBERT BERRY, what it was like to chase the dream of Rock and Roll and why every music fan should be at ProgStock Festival 2019  this year.  Please join us for this story of rock and roll triumph and don’t forget to watch or listen below and remember to subscribe to the podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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