POLAR Singer ADAM WOODFORD Talks Two-Year Process To Create “Everywhere, Everything” Album: “We Were Not Only Building a Record, We Were Rebuilding Our Relationship As a Band”

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Polar have been making an insane amount of noise over the last six months. After the chaos of the pandemic, and the dust has settled, a revitalized and more tightly-knit group has emerged with a brand new upcoming offering, “Everywhere, Everything”.

The UK post-hardcore group have been dropping some intriguing and colorful new singles throughout the second half of this year, and they’ve instantly excited fans and new listeners alike. The title track “Everywhere, Everything” shows them pumping out some melodic energy that taps into that new-era Architects sound, whilst the last single to drop before the album drops, “Hush” is a new sound that dials it down a bit, inviting the listener to become immersed in a new atmosphere the band have created.

Sonic Perspectives writer Josh Muncke sat down with Polar’s vocalist Adam Woodford and went through the messages within the upcoming album. They explored the trials and tribulations producing a record during the lockdowns, as well as what they learned about themselves as people and musicians along the way. Enjoy their chat below, and remember that for more interviews and other daily content, Sonic Perspectives is on Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter and YouTube, where you can be notified about new content we publish on a daily basis.

“Everywhere, Everything” drops on January 13 via Arising Empire. Pre-order it HERE.


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