CALIGULA’S HORSE Discusses New Album “Charcoal Grace” & Ongoing Tour: “Playing These Songs Live is Almost Like an Exorcism, Just Like This Album Was Meant to Be”

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On January 26th, 2024, Caligula’s Horse released their long-anticipated sixth studio album “Charcoal Grace,” and just days thereafter embarked on their headlining tour across North America. To enhance the talent onstage for the eager American metal scene, Caligula’s Horse is joined on this tour by supporting act and progressive metal compatriots Earthside.

The band’s prior studio album, 2020’s breathtakingly beautiful “Rise Radiant,” arrived at the most inopportune of times. Just as Caligula’s Horse was preparing to depart Australia for their inaugural North American trek, venues shuttered their doors for the better part of two years, and the tour was put on indefinite hiatus. The world was faced with roiling waves of pain, confusion, and hurt, and as the band was musing their next steps, they faced yet another shakeup: guitarist Adrian Goleby departed the band. The quintet became a quartet, venues again began to welcome fans, and Caligula’s Horse got to work on their next big project (not without a very welcome appearance at ProgPower USA in 2023, marking their second appearance in the USA). Now, almost four years later, “Charcoal Grace” has arrived in all of its passionate glory.

As Caligula’s Horse has said time and again leading up to the album release, “Charcoal Grace” is not just a piece of art: it is an expression of pure catharsis. “Rise Radiant” was a delightful work of art, but its intended delivery to the world was stunted by circumstances beyond control. All of that pain, anger, and disappointment has found its outlet in this latest opus from these talented Australian metallers. From a mammoth 25-minute suite placed in the heart of the tracklist, the titular “Charcoal Grace,” to the intertwined bookends “The World Breathes With Me” and “Mute,” “Charcoal Grace” is a wonder to behold. The intention behind its creation is evident in not just every note, but every associated work of art, and every live rendition.

“Charcoal Grace” Album Artwork

Order “Charcoal Grace” HERE.

There’s no better way to learn more about the intensity and heart that brought “Charcoal Grace” to life than hearing from the primary songwriters themselves, which is what Sonic Perspectives had the opportunity to do while Caligula’s Horse kicked off their 2024 headlining tour.

Sonic Perspectives contributor Samantha Buckman spoke with guitarist Sam Vallen and vocalist Jim Grey about the creation of “Charcoal Grace” and how the band is doing on their North American headlining tour. The three discussed the band’s pivot to a quartet, the themes of the album, and what the group is most looking forward to as they trek across the States. 

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