VIDEO PREMIERE: Ohio’s TURBO LOVERS Reflect On Past Mistakes With Rockin’ Single “Should’ve Known Better”

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Turbo Lovers is a rock ’n’ roll power trio from Youngstown, Ohio that’s equal parts bravado, swagger and fun. Often chastised for taking their name from what some consider the worst Judas Priest album in history, the band’s sound is more akin to AC/DC, The Wildhearts, and Kiss than the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Gods. But yeah, there’s a little Priest in ‘em, too. What they really are… is down-to-earth rockers looking to provide the soundtrack for a great time. They have a blast when they play live, and the audience easily picks up that vibe when they hit the stage.

With the latest release “Lettin’ It Fly!” available for listeners around the world, Turbo Lovers are continuing to deliver extraordinary rock done extraordinarily well. This latest album is fresh and full of the most completed and focused material that the band has written so far. For the new record they employed producer Dave Piatek and for the first time, they had another set of ears for the full-length, which pushed them to a whole new level. Today, they are premiering with their latest music video for the single “Should’ve Known Better”. Watch it below.

“We’re sort of like AC/DC and Danko Jones in that with each album we’ll have a few surprises here and there, but it’s reliable working-class rock ’n’ roll,” said guitarist/singer B.J. Lisko. “It’s all about hooks and solid songs, and we feel like we’ve got plenty of those on the new album.”

“When it came time to do the video, we didn’t want to do a literal interpretation of the song, so we did a fun video game throwback to the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. We included some of our favorites from the original NES and made the video about getting pissed off at the games, which I think everybody can relate to if they were ever a gamer at any point. Musically, it’s a super anthemic, up-tempo, and catchy tune. Lyrically, a lot of people will probably think that it references being in a bad relationship, and the lyrics could certainly read that way. It’s actually a really hooky tune about getting hooked on drugs, something that happened to me (and that’s happened to about a billion other people), after a bad car accident and more than a year’s worth of ultra-cheap painkiller prescriptions. It was pretty awesome until the drugs ran out. Then it was a total pain in the ass being hooked on something you once needed but now we’re also physically dependent on.” adds B.J. Lisko

Turbo Lovers began as a recording side project back in 2003 for guitarist/singer B.J. Lisko to express his love for rock, arena rock, and 80s rock, and to fill a regional need for a band of that style in Northeast Ohio. They are named after the Judas Priest song and sometimes get confused as a Judas Priest tribute band, especially when playing with tribute acts.

Recommended for fans of Danko Jones, Backyard Babies, and AC/DC“Lettin’ It Fly!” was released on February 4, 2022, and is available for download at BandcampApple Music, and Spotify.

“Lettin’ It Fly!” Track Listing:

1. Should’ve Known Better (4:26)
2. Reasons That We Rhyme (3:19)
3. Too Cocky (4:27)
4. Lettin’ It Fly (3:45)
5. Gave Me A Sign (3:50)
6. Almost Great (3:22)
7. Finally Home (3:22)
8. Under Pressure (3:46)
9. Rockers Extraordinaire (4:23)


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