VIDEO PREMIERE: Vancouver Orchestral Metal Ensemble OPUS ARISE Unveils Music Video for “Digital Soundscape”

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Canadian orchestral metal ensemble Opus Arise (ft. members of Svneatr, Thousand Arrows, Ysgaroth) have premiered with us today their next video for the track “Digital Soundscape” from their sophomore album “The Network” released this past December. The concept record is a cyberpunk tale that brings together classical strings and metal rhythms to create luscious soundscapes to dissonant chaos.

As part of the album’s storyline,“Digital Soundscape” is a track that conveys the feeling of what the digital realm of the network is like. Both characters in the story plot focus on the details of their lives, listening to the ambient, distorted, pulsing sounds of the digital realm. Check out the video below.

Vancouver’s Opus Arise‘s latest album, “The Network”, is a cyberpunk world filled with neon lights backed by progressive metal riffs and classical themes. The eight-track record was produced and mastered by Maor Appelbaum; mixed by Ryan Shepard, with the album artwork done by Daniel Reyes. The nine players on the record bring forth their skills on guitar, cello, bass, drums, violin, keyboards, viola, and contra-bass in a sometimes collaborative effort, which is primarily composed and scored by Matthew Logan and Matthew Hannah. The drums were recorded in a mansion back in 2018 where the original rehearsal space was, and the same location was used to film the music videos for the singles “Reminiscence”, “Change” and “Inner Skepticism”.

“The Network” has a modern metal influence and different composers from their first album. It is best described as orchestral neo-classical instrumental progressive metal and is recommended for fans who enjoy Powerglove, Scale The Summit, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Animals As Leaders.

“The Network” Album Artwork

“The Network” Track Listing:

1) Inner Skepticism – 5:50
2) Electric Jungle – 6:02
3) Antimatter – 3:22
4) Digital Soundscape – 4:38
5) Reminiscence – 5:21
6) Change – 5:23
7) Timeshift – 5:21
8) The Unanswered Question – 5:13

“The Network” is available at Bandcamp and Spotify, and you can also follow Opus Arise on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To watch previous music videos, please the band’s YouTube Channel.


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