VIDEO PREMIERE: MAYSNOW Reveals Music Video For “Another Chance,” Featuring ANATHEMA’s DANIEL CAVANAGH

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Italian rockers Maysnow will release their first single “Another Chance” tomorrow (June 5th) via Sleaszy Rider, yet you can watch the premiere of the music video for the song below. The track is the first piece of music from their album “A Dream Within A Dream”, arriving this October.

“Another Chance” is a rock ballad that reflects the versatility of the band, combining progressive rock elements in a song without a conventional chorus. The song opens with a delicate piano loop and a solo guitar, alternating in a poignant dialogue. Midway through the track, the atmosphere changes with the introduction of an electric guitar arpeggio, followed by the rhythmic section that builds the piece to a climax.

“Another Chance” Single Artwork

Anathema’s Daniel Cavanagh‘s distinctive voice adds intensity to the song, with sonic variations culminating in a surprising finale. The piece ends with a return to the initial sensation, leaving the listener with a note of bitterness and a desire to repeat the experience.

“This is a song about redemption. It speaks of rebirth, the kind that can only be achieved through the painful process of battling one’s own demons. To compose the piece, we worked on two complementary atmospheres, through which the acoustic and electric soul of the band synergistically intertwine thanks to the growing instrumental intensity.” says the band.

Check out more about Maysnow on their Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, or YouTube.


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