TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 13 (Riverside / Internet Radio / Phideaux)

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This week on Talking Perspectives regulars Nick and Jordan were joined by Mark and Rayna Monforti, co-owners of the internet radio station and show runners of Music in Widescreen, which has now aired over 750 episodes. Our middle segment focused on the topic of internet radio, their history in it, exploration of it, and how they see it going into the future. 

That talk was book-ended by a pair of releases that should be on the radar of any progressive rock fan. To start things off we talked the new album from Riverside, Wasteland, due out on September 28. In addition to our discussion on the album you can also check out Scott Medina‘s review here, as well as his interview with vocalist, bassist, and now guitarist Mariusz Duda at this location. And to end the night there was no discussion more appropriate for our guests than to talk about than the album Infernal from Phideaux. In addition to our discussion you can check out my interview with Phideaux Xavier here, as well as Jordan‘s excellent review of the album at this location

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