TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 6 (Technology In Recording / GHOST And Marketing in Music / DREAM THEATER’s New Album Expectations)

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Talking Perspectives‘ episode number 6 is here, and we have some exciting content for you this time around! Our first topic was inspired by a Facebook post form KYROS singer and keyboard player Adam Warne, and so we had him and KYROS bandmate Joey Frevola (also of Edge of Reality) join us for a discussion in the role technology has played in recording through the years. 

Next I’d say we talked about the new Ghost album Prequelle being released today (June 1), but that would be a bit of a misnomer. We talked about Ghost as a prime example of what marketing means to musical success, and discussed some things they and other bands have done to help get their name out there. While we had differing opinions on the quality of music behind the bands image, we were relatively united in praising the success they’ve achieved. 

Finally, we had a spur of the moment discussion on a band that happened to unite all the contributors and guests, Dream Theater. Coming off a highly last studio release in The Astonishing, and a fan favorite tour of Images, Words, and Beyond, fans are salivating over the next album. We talked about what we hope we see in the finished product. 

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