TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 1 (Ayreon Universe Release, Frequency Drift New Album, Vinyl Revival Phenomenon and Orphaned Land Last Album)

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Talking Perspectives… what is that about? It’s actually fairly simple: every now and then, some of us here at Sonic Perspectives get together in a phone conversation, where we discuss relevant – recent and past – music releases, and talk about some other meaningful topics related to the music industry. Since not every subject caters to all of us in the team, the participants in the call will vary, yet we will strive to cover as much ground as possible in each episode, without sticking to any specific music genre. You can listen to the whole chat below, or subscribe to our podcast in any of the platforms includes, to be notified about the upcoming episodes as well as any other content we publish almost on daily basis.

In this inaugural episode of the series we discussed about the following:

  • The recent release of the Ayreon Live release entitled Ayreon Universe – The Best of Ayreon Live  (Check out our recent interview with Arjen Lucassen here)
  • The upcoming release of the new album by the German cinematic rock band Frequency Drift, entitled Letters to Maro (Check out our review of the album here)
  • The vinyl revival phenomenon and how vinyl sales have increased exponentially over the course of the last four years
  • The latest album release by the Israeli heavy-metal band Orphaned Land, entitled Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs (Check out our review of the album here)

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