TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 17 (The Timing of Fandom)

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Do you remember when you first got into your favorite band? How you quickly ran through everything they had done up to that point and then anxiously awaited their next release? On this episode of Talking Perspectives we talk about how the point in which that happens with a band affects how you perceive their future and past material. Joining Nick was the same cast as the last regular episode, namely Jordan, Gonzo, and from Edge of Reality and Kyros, Joey Frevola. How we perceive band and releases is inevitably linked to our preconceived notions, ideas, and if there are any set, expectations, and so when you get into a band I would posit must absolutely effect what you think of their material relative to that point. All that said I have a few theories and ideas that didn’t quite hold up to the group, so perhaps I have some further thinking to do about these topics as well. 

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