TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 15 (Use of Click and Backing Tracks in Music / Haken’s New Album “Vector” / Musical Sequels)

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On this week’s episode Nick, Jordan, and Gonzo were joined once again by Edge of Reality and Kyros axeman Joey Frevola. The quartet discussed the use of, and the pros and cons of click and backing tracks in live performances and how Joey’s bands use them as part of their creative process. The second topic for the night was Haken‘s forthcoming  album Vector, one that is generating a lot of buzz in the progressive metal circles – you can read our own album review in this location -, and to wrap up the night the guys spoke about their individual opinions regarding musical sequels, and how they might improve or detract from the band’s first album. Do you happen to have a favorite or hated  second part of an album you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below! Any future topics you’d like the group to cover? Doesn’t hurt to drop us a line on that front either! 

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