TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Episode No. 11 (The Pineapple Thief / Unpopular Opinions Discussion – Part 1 / A Dying Planet)

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Welcome to what was a truly fun and powerhouse discussion, the middle section of which left friendships in tatters and battle scars for all. Joining Nick once again was Gonzolo and Jordan, and after discussing the upcoming Pineapple Thief album entitled Dissolution due out August 31 the group went on to discuss their unpopular opinions.  Whether it was Jordan saying that Snow was Neal Morse‘s best work, Gonzolo berating Kamelot (including the Khan-era, and including Khan himself), or Nick decrying a Porcupine Tree favorite in Fear of a Blank Planet there were plenty of disagreements to go around. The discussion was so fun in fact that we’ve decided that Episode 12 will feature part two of the discussion. Finally we ended things talking about Facing the Incurable, the debut album from A Dying Planet due out August 14 and featuring some of the gentlemen best known as a driving force behind Zero Hour

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