VIDEO PREMIERE: SABLE’s Debuts Merciless New Single “Jade”

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Taking a new face in 2020, Chicago-based quartet Sable is on a steadfast campaign to captivate audiences with their unique brand of metal. They have a powerful sound and can surprise and make everything pleasant with imaginative scores, a marked taste for melody without distorting the vehemence of their broadsides. Today they are premiering with us their new single “Jade”, via an energetic video which you can now watch below.

The band comments about the inspiration behind the track: “When we were deciding a name for the song, it was before the lyrics were written. Usually when we decide that, we try to ask ourselves what the song makes us feel. [Vocalist] Sergio said that he was feeling “jaded” with regards to his social life, and so we made a play on words with the mineral Jade as well as the feeling of being “jaded”. There is a double-meaning as well, because the metaphysical properties of the mineral Jade are believed to keep the wearer from harm and brings harmony. It stabilizes the personality, promotes self-sufficiency, and soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts”

Sable’s front-man Sergio adds: “I wrote about a person who was lied to, broken down, and made to feel worthless. The first verse of the song is the person accepting that they were hurt, and nothing will be the same. In the bridge, they start to take back control of their life, and in the second verse, they’ve changed for the better. The person who was once defeated is now aware, and ready to fight for what is theirs. They are the tragedy which someone so proudly painted.”

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