CONCERT REVIEW: VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Storm Through Michigan, in a True “Pirate Metal” Fashion (March 26th, 2022)

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It was a frosty Sunday evening in Pontiac Michigan as fans lined up outside The Crofoot Ballroom, anxiously waiting to finally see the Extreme Power Metal Tour. This tour was originally supposed to happen in 2020 but we all know what happened then. This tour lineup is not one to sleep on; if you are thinking of just coming for Dragonforce, I would highly recommend coming out to see the entire tour lineup; especially Visions of Atlantis.

Visions of Atlantis was formed in 2000 and has had quite a handful of member changes throughout the years; their drummer Thomas Caser being the only original band member. While I know it’s very hard to follow a band that changes a lot, Visions of Atlantis has always been able to keep their following and gaining new followers as they go. Their unique blend of genres allows them to make music that is something people have never heard of.

They are likely the best symphonic power pirate metal band nowadays, and yes, I know that genre definition is a mouthful. Hailing from Austria and were prepared to capture every single person’s heart in the audience. Beautiful symphony tracks played as their bassist and guitarist stormed the stage hyping the crowd up. Lead vocalist Clementine’s powerful vocals filled the venue with the opening to “Master of the Hurricane” and slowly Michele Guaitoli’s strong vocals blended with hers. After finishing the track, Clementine asked the crowd who had heard of them before and based on the band’s faces they weren’t expecting the uproar that the crowd returned. They were shocked but thrilled to see so many people were familiar with their music and were there specifically to see them play. The audience was completely engaged in their show, unable to look away; as if the band had some sort of magic siren power.

Their set isn’t just a set, it’s a mini musical telling a story; every band member plays a huge part in this pirate’s tale. Not only are they singing, dancing, jumping around on stage but they’re visually captivating the audience. Their band members all interact with each other; from hyping up the drummer, to chatting with the crowd, to Michele spraying water on their guitarist. Their set includes cuts like “A Life of Our Own”, “A Journey To Remember”, and “Heroes of the Dawn”, and finished with the epic “Legion of Seas”, with the crowd singing along with the band as Michele waved a massive pirate flag left and right. Coincidentally, “Legion of Seas” is one of the tracks in their upcoming studio album “Pirates” and they recently released a music video for it, and the record is being released in May.

Visions Of Atlantis are one of those power-metal acts which you are probably not that aware of, and I can tell you they will become your new favorite band the moment you witness their live “magic.” I personally am beyond grateful to have finally seen them live and boy was it a night to remember!



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