VICIOUS RUMOURS @ The Masquerade‎, Atlanta (September 26th, 2018)

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San Francisco Bay-area metal legends Vicious Rumors have always been on my “metal radar,” but I unfortunately never had a chance to see them live, until last September 26th, at Atlanta’s Masquerade concert venue. The band are currently touring to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of their classic 1988 album Digital Dictator, and I’m sure glad I went. This is a seriously potent live band! Newcomers Gunnar DüGrey (Guitar), Cody Green (bass) and Nick Courtney (lead vocals) have brought a new energy to the band, founded by guitarist Geoff Thorpe and drummer Larry Howe.

Frontman Nick Courtney showed great range throughout the night. He’s got that classic “air-raid” siren Geoff Tate “Queen Of the Reich” super-metal high note that could probably shatter a glass, and new guitarist DüGrey showed off some amazing chops in the six strings. Right from the beginning of the set Vicious Rumors gave fans the trademark sound that they are known for: razor-sharp guitars, potent drums fills, and an overall ‘guitar shred’-oriented metal sound just like it used to be in the ’80s when they started out with such classic albums as ‘Soldiers Of The Night’ and ‘Vicious Rumors’. The band delivered their live show with the fire and the energy that had earned them the reputation as one of the best acts in metal. Their sound is raw and powerful, real, and their music is the quintessence of the American power-metal sound… Still young, fresh and fantastic as it was in their heydays in the 80’s/90’s, as they proved by tearing through every track on their cult-classic Digital Dictator.

The tour continues across the Southwest through October, so if you’re in the area and find yourself in need of some metal, go see Vicious Rumors. You can also catch up with them at their official website or on Facebook.


Digital Dictator / Minute to Kill / Towns on Fire / Lady Took a Chance / Worlds and Machines / The Crest / R.L.H. / Condemned / Out of the Shadows / Down to the Temple / Six Stepsisters / Soldiers of the Night



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