VAMPIRE WEEKEND at Red Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh, North Carolina (June 21st, 2019)

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After years of touring, winning Grammy’s, and crafting groovy hit singles, NYC-natives Vampire Weekend, comprised of Ezra Koenig (lead vocalist/guitarist), Chris Tomson (drums), Chris Baio (bass), Brian Robert Jones (guitar), Greta Morgan (keys/backing vocals), Garrett Ray (percussion/drums), and Will Canzoneri (backing vocals) finally made a much wanted stop in Raleigh for the first time in their career this past weekend at Red Hat Amphitheater.

The night kicked off with LA based band Chicano Batman, with their psychedelic mix of soul, funk, and indie rock. One of the more unique sounding bands out there right now, and a pleasant surprise before the headliner.

Crowds started pouring in before the main act took the stage, and it became clear pretty quickly that whether it be their most popular song “A-Punk” or their killer new record Father of the Bride, the band could very easily sell out a venue.

The crowd roared as the house lights shut off, and all of the band members began pouring onto the crowded stage. Leading man Ezra smiled and greeted the crowd, before picking up his guitar, and instructing the band into the first song, “Sympathy”, with the catchy hook, and melodic instrumental.

One of the things that stood out to me throughout the show was how old school the band truly came across. They had a very pleasing lighting setup, and a gigantic globe (representing the album cover of FOTB) behind them, but they did not rely on the normal practices of modern bands in their live show. They play different songs every night, in a different order, and even take requests from fans in the crowd for what they should play.

Later in the night, the band soared as they covered a few songs (including a stellar cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”) and also did a wonderful mix of their new record and previously released music. The crowd went insane as the opening chords of “A-punk” blared through the speakers, and sang along as they play a crowd requested song, “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance”. After seeing this show, I must say that this is truly one of the more talented bands out there right now, and this is not a tour to miss.


Sympathy / Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa / Holiday / White Sky / This Life / Sunflower / Big Blue / M79 / Unbearably White / Step / Rich Man / Diplomat’s Son (with “Pressure Drop” snippet) / Horchata / New Dorp. New York (SBTRKT cover) / Hannah Hunt / Harmony Hall / Diane Young / Cousins / A-Punk / Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover) / 2021 / Jerusalem, New York, Berlin


How Long? / The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (request) / Worship You / Ya Hey



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