CONCERT REVIEW: MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD, TRIVIUM and IN FLAMES Hit Nashville Like an Unstoppable Freight Train (May 6th, 2022)

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Photos by Alma Reed / Words by Natalia Kraft

It’s Friday night, the weather has cooled off a bit and hordes of people dressed in black are promptly arriving at The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The occasion? The Metal Tour Of The Year. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! One band after the other, taking the stage like it was some sort of battle field in which they were fighting to the death. Yes, very dramatic but it really did feel like they were giving it their all. Although these warriors were yielding musical instruments instead of swords and axes.

Starting with the incredibly precise and commanding sound of In Flames who are no strangers to the scene. The arena was ready for them, and the place got progressively louder and louder.

In Flames Photo Gallery:

When Trivium took the stage, it felt like they had us right where they wanted us from the very beginning, the showmanship of the lead singer was electric! We were following his every command, “stand up, scream, jump, fist in the air…” You name it, we were on it! I must also highlight the excellent work of the drummer, he was holding it down with clockwork precision. Lights come back on, and we take a little break in between. Let me tell you If you are on the fence about going to concerts because of how people may have been acting lately, this is one of the kindest, most respectful crowds you’ve ever met. We are talking about genuine music fans.

Trivium Photo Gallery:

There’s the logo of Lamb of God on stage and then BAM! The fabric falls and there is the band absolutely killing it. To the envy of all of us commoners watching, the lead singer showed up kicking butt and taking names. They took it up a notch with lighting, flames on stage and the incredible agility of Randy Blythe. This has to have been one of the best Lamb of God shows I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. The crowd was going nuts! and they had the biggest mosh pit circle of the night I must say. We were singing along to every song like time didn’t pass like this was the first time we heard their music and we were once again instant fans of them. You better show up hydrated and with those neck muscles ready baby, because this concert is not for the faint of heart. They were tight! on point and extremely focused and the energy NEVER hit a low point.

Lamb Of God Photo Gallery:

Then, after we feel the blast of the final song hitting us right on the chest, the break, this time with all the anticipation because this is it y’all. The headliner, one of the biggest metal bands of all times, Megadeth is about to give us a masterpiece on excellence, musicality and dexterity on stage. If you want to know how to achieve longevity in the music business, go see Megadeth play live. They got on stage, with that “kick on the teeth” attitude. Right from the first song it was clear they were not playing games. For the guitar fans, it was a night to remember forever. I swear, Kiko Loureiro has unlocked the next level of wizardry with his guitar playing. They gave us everything we wanted, a high energy set list with “Symphony of Destruction ” being the undisputed hymn of the night and it was very refreshing to see Dave Mustaine being so kind-hearted, so truly grateful to his fans for showing up, for being there. The lighting, the screens and the almost choreographed movement of the band members on stage was phenomenal. It was moving to see how much all these musicians gave it their all on stage, you could feel that energy and it was intoxicating.

This is one of those tours that have a name that actually matches the energy, this truly was the metal tour of the year. Don’t miss out, this show truly embodies what music is all about.

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