CONCERT REVIEW: THE DEAD DAISIES Light Up New York’s Racket During Opening Night Of Their 2024 US Tour (June 6th, 2024)

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When the hard rock band The Dead Daisies featuring John Corabi [vocals], David Lowy [guitar], Doug Aldrich [guitar], Michael Devin [bass], and Tommy Clufetos [drums]took the stage at Racket in NYC on June 6th, they delivered a truly memorable performance that left an indelible mark on the crowd.

This show marked the first night of their ten-show run for their Light ‘Em Up US Tour 2024 and came ahead of their September 6th release. The new album was written and produced by Marti Frederiksen in Nashville and Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

From the first chords of the new single “Light ‘Em Up”, the band hinted at a high-energy show that was about to be experienced. These seasoned rockers were primed and ready to ignite Racket with their brand of modern classic rock. It was a no-frills, pedal-to-the-metal performance that tapped into the pure, primal essence of rock and roll, with the band leaving everything they had on the stage for the crowd to eat up with unbridled enthusiasm.

Having John back in the band is a welcomed return to their definitive classic era; his powerful, expressive vocals soared over the blistering guitar work of David and Doug. With him back, The Dead Daisies‘ chemistry and cohesion were fully displayed as they seamlessly transitioned between their catalog of hard-hitting, hook-laden hard rock anthems.

It was a fast-paced 90-minute set where the band powered through 16 songs, including “Make Some Noise,” “Rise Up,” “Locked and Loaded,” and “Mexico.” The band delighted their devoted fanbase by unveiling two more unreleased tracks from their highly anticipated album. The first of these electrifying new songs was “I Wanna Be Your Bitch,” which was inspired by a tumultuous relationship with John and a former girlfriend.

It was gritty, edgy, and angry, all at the same time, offering a smoldering glimpse of what’s to come on the next album. The third new song was “Take a Long Line,” a straight-up groove-driven rock and roller. Surprisingly, they also performed a new blues song, “I’m Ready,” which will be on a future The Dead Daisies blues album.

Classics like the smoking “Long Way to Go” and the frantic Alex Harvey cover “Midnight Moses” showcased the band’s mastery of the classic rock idiom. The other cover tunes performed were “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival and “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles.

Doug‘s fingers danced effortlessly across the fretboard of his Les Pauls, coaxing out scorching leads that seemed to sear the air, like on “Dead and Gone” and “Unspoken,” a song from the Glenn Hughes era album “Holy Ground.” His arsenal of guitars allowed him to unleash a display of fiery fretwork; his playing was a whirlwind of rapid-fire riffs, searing solos, and gut-punching chords that left jaws gaping.

David provided the steady, driving foundation to Doug‘s lead work, whose rhythm guitar work was the yin to Doug‘s yang. David anchored the songs with his powerful, rhythmic strumming, his chords underpinning Doug‘s leads. Doug and David displayed an intense, almost telepathic stage chemistry, their musical interplay flowing with a seamless, nearly improvisational quality that many guitar duos could only aspire to. Their chemistry goes beyond the stage and into the studio for writing the band’s dynamic songs that have fueled five albums together.

Before the show, I asked David and Doug about their unique chemistry. Doug shared, “We both thought we could add to each other’s sound, which is exactly what happened. Our two sounds work well together in the studio and live”.  David added, “The best results come from collaboration. It adds a level of complexity that requires a lot of give and take. I think the result of the collaboration is better than working alone.”

Tommy‘s drumming was a raw, primal energy that captivated the audience. The sheer physicality of his playing was truly remarkable, as he attacked the drums with an unmatched ferocity and intensity. Each strike of the sticks was like a sledgehammer pounding nails, his entire body swinging into every hit with unbridled force. The movement was almost violent in its aggression, yet he maintained an impeccable sense of timing and feel, locking in seamlessly with the thunderous low end provided by bassist Michael Devin. As the music surged forward, Michael‘s long hair whipped back and forth, a blur of motion that only added to the sheer spectacle unfolding on stage.

By the time the final chords had rung out, the air was thick with the scent of sweat and exhilaration. The audience was utterly spent but exhilarated, having borne witness to a truly transcendent rock and roll experience.

Don’t miss these guys if they come through your neck of the woods! Check out the remaining tour dates HERE.

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