ROSS JENNINGS – Acoustic Shadows [Stream Event] (July 16th, 2021)

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After enjoying a successful career spanning more than ten years with modern progressive metal titans Haken, and being part of the up-and-coming band Novena, vocalist Ross Jennings continues to advance steadily in pursuit of growing as an artist. This time, the British singer surprises us by venturing to release his debut solo album “A Shadow Of My Future Self”, which promises to display a different facet from the one already known. 

To promote the immense release, the iconic vocalist carried out a bold move consisted of the streaming of an acoustic performance appropriately titled “Acoustic Shadows”. Through such event, the audience heard exclusive acoustic previews of most of the upcoming album’s tracks and special redemptions of songs from the bands he is part of, and got to see Ross Jennings in a rare, intimate, and touching new way.

The virtuosity, heaviness, and the deployment of the highly technical arsenal that has been present in Jennings’ presentations with Haken, are left behind. This time, we get to see Ross carrying the weight of the whole show exclusively with the aid of his unmatchable voice and his acoustic guitar playing. Through the show, the audience got the chance to witness with awe the innumerable nuances found within Ross’ voice, which allows to hear him in a subtle and expressive way, or brilliantly reaching high notes, or endowing a song with quirkiness with his peculiar vocal approach that has become a trademark within prog.

In the same way, the themes portrayed differ from the central thematic showcased in Haken’s tracks. As a result, the science-fiction components and the references to the interconnected universe that the referred band has come across through its discography are sidelined for the occasion. Instead, “Acoustic Shadows” chooses to present us with engaging daily themes. Some of them delve into human condition, personal relationships, love, self-acceptance, liberation, and other aspects of life that impact, relieve, move, and encourage us to seize the day and continue looking to overcome the gloomy challenges and struggles imposed by life and by ourselves.

The streaming also presented the audience with different experiences regarding Jenning‘s upcoming debut album. For most tracks, the audience did not know the way they sound in their original form. However, after hearing the beautiful acoustic redemption of those tracks, the audience is left with a tremendous desire to discover how they sound like, as in the case of songs as “Feelings”, “Young at Heart” or “Rocket Science”, that with its mellow tune and catchy choruses, anticipate a launch that should not be missed.

On the contrary, songs that were released as singles, as in the case of “Words We Can’t Unsay” or the recently released “Grounded”, made it possible for the viewers to hear them in an uncovered and compelling new form, allowing us to appreciate their Ross’ acoustic treatment. 

In addition to present most of the songs that will make up his upcoming debut album, Jennings treated his fans with an encore marked by the presence of two special guests with whom he got to play a song for each of his bands. First, Harrison White from Novena appeared to contribute to the beautiful and touching performance of “Sail Away”, which has special relevance for Jennings due to personal reasons. Then, finally, it was the turn for Haken‘s superb guitarist Richard Henshall to aid his friend with the redemption of “Canary Yellow”, through which, with its introspective theme, adequately wrapped the event. 

All in all, “Acoustic Shadows” allowed us to enjoy a different aspect of Ross Jennings in an intimate and heartfelt way while serving as an excellent way to promote “A Shadow Of My Future Self”, which will be released on November 19, 2021. Hopefully, this will not be the last time fans can experience this facet of his musical arsenal, but in the meantime, take note of Jennings as a solo artist and checkout this wonderful event on-demand until tomorrow.

Acoustic Shadows setlist:

Better Times / Word We Can’t Unsay / Rocket Science / Young At Heart / Since That Day / She Loves You More / Third Degree / Grounded / Feelings / Year – All I Want Is You / Sail Away (Novena song) / Canary Yellow (Haken song with Richard Henshall)


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