JASON BONHAM LED ZEPPELIN EVENING @ Hard Rock Event Center – Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood (November 9th, 2018)

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Arguably Led Zeppelin is one the bands which music has inspired more covers and tribute bands in the history of rock n’ roll. I’ve seen at least two of them myself (Get the Led Out and Led Zepagain, both different yet excellent in their own way). Probably while reading these introductory lines you are shaking your head and thinking: media coverage for another tribute band, WHY?

For starters, this is the only tribute band I’ve known about in which one of the member has a genuine lineage with the original act: Jason – if you still don’t know him – is the son of former Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, more affectionately known as Bonzo, who died tragically in 1980. John is widely considered as one of the best (he was actually ranked the best drummer of all-time by Gibson and Rolling Stone) who ever sat behind a drum-kit. Bonzo was a unique drummer, one who combined speed, power, groove and swagger; adventurousness and liveness, and his legacy lives on his own son celebration of Zep’s music called Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Evening. You would ask: how does anyone cop the comparison with someone called THE BEST, someone who also happens to be your late dad? Well, Jason does it with style, with gusto, with confidence. Paired with a band of seasoned musicians and a truly amazing vocalist like James Dylan who is able to channel Robert Plant’s in a truly uncanny way; the JBLZE show turns into a heartfelt, rounded and brilliant tribute to the late John Bonham and the timeless music of Led Zeppelin, one that is accompanied by old photos and videos of Jason’s father, as personal glimpses into the life of a musician whose father was legendary.

Bonham and his band treated the multitude to a truthfully inspired version of Led Zeppelin‘s magic in the 21st century. Cozy but electric, in sold-out event with fans of all ages who all seemed to know the words and the beats of even some of Zeppelin‘s less heard live songs. Outstanding from the performance, sound quality, the detail to duplicate the multi layers of the original recordings and the connection Jason made between the music, his dad, Zeppelin and his own bandmates, this was a truly magical evening that took everyone to the good old days of rock n’ roll. Jason gave the show the authenticity that no other cover band could match. Bravo!

Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening Setlist

Rock and Roll / Celebration Day / Black Dog / Over the Hills and Far Away / Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You / Ramble On / I Can’t Quit You Baby / The Ocean / The Song Remains the Same / The Rain Song / In My Time of Dying / Thank You / Hey Hey What Can I Do / Going to California / Since I’ve Been Loving You / Good Times Bad Times / In the Evening / Misty Mountain Hop / Kashmir / Stairway to Heaven / Whole Lotta Love



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