CONCERT REVIEW: CATTLE DECAPITATION’s “Death…At Last Tour” Obliterates Detroit (February 6th, 2022)

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The “Death…At Last Tour” stopped in Detroit, Michigan for an unforgettable night of metal music and positive memories. Extinction A.D. started the night off by playing New York style metal thrash music. By far these guys are one of New York’s best thrash bands, who came prepared to captivate the audience’s attention and energy. A few seconds into their set, a huge circle pit was formed, sucking in everything and everyone in its wake; including a concert goer who bravely did push ups in the middle of the circle pit. Fans climbed on stage to dive into the crowd as the band screamed their vocals through “The Shelter.”


Next up was Creeping Death and man they were not messing around! They got the crowd energized and excited for the whole show. Every single one of their band members went above and beyond with their instrument’s talents. Even though their vocals are a massive focal point, the bad ass guitar riffs, percussion, and bass all complemented each other very nicely. These guys truly kept the balance of extremity and brutality with ear-catching songwriting skills. In a genre where most bands just want to play as fast and intensely as possible, the focus on crafting great, immediately enjoyable songs is definitely an under appreciated talent, one that didn’t flew under the audience’s radar.


After Creeping Death, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life took the stage. The vocalist’s powerful vocals rang throughout the small venue as fans screamed back the lyrics. Bodies were flying through the air, while others seemed to have been caught in a headbanging frenzy. Behind the screams, there is heart, depth, and passion packed into everyone of their songs. As the whole band is playing on stage, you can feel the wave of pride wash over you as the band screams and plays their hearts out on stage.


Finally, we had Cattle Decapitation ready to take Michigan over. From the get go it was palpable that Travis Ryan‘s vocals remains some of the best vocals in the extreme metal scene. His snarling melodic screams blended perfectly with the rest of the band’s rhythm, no two songs sounded alike, each uniquely different. The newest album by far has some of the best guitar riffs that I have ever seen. They had minor drum issues but those were quickly resolved and the whole venue was back to causing chaos in the pit. The drummer, Dave, locked down the mesmerizing rhythm and kept everyone on track. The band gave it their all on stage, and their reputation as a ferocious live force who puts on a hell of a show, still stands!



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