CONCERT REVIEW: CANNIBAL CORPSE Prove They Are The Absolute Kings of Sheer Metal Brutality (February 28th, 2022)

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What was originally a very frigid night quickly warmed up as fans packed The Majestic for a sold out show. Shadow of Intent began the night off with some captivating deathcore melodies. Those scanning the stage saw the determination on the band members faces. They were all enjoying the tour and lost in the moment. The drummer was all smiles, obviously having the time of his life. Their music may have been new to many in the crowd, but as they made their way through their set list the crowd became more and more addicted to their insane energy. The intensity of the band was equally matched with the extreme flashing strobe lights as they tore up the stage.


Judging by their stage presence, Revocation writes music that they not only enjoy playing but is also unforgettable music for audiences. The powerful four-piece band combined strong melodies with brief moments of mellowness. Their performance contrasted ferocious blasts of drumbeats with a wall of sublime, rhythmic guitar sounds. Front-man Dave Davidson riled the hesitant crowd up and instigated some proper movement in the pit. Revocation held their own as the crowd filled the room to the brim, awaiting the heaviness to come. Both opening bands had their own unique touch with music; making them stand out from some of the usual so-so openers one gets to see.


Then the lights dimmed, and the crowd started chanting “Whitechapel”. They got louder and louder as the minutes passed. Darkness consumed the venue as Whitechapel‘s members appeared between the shadows. It was all pure darkness, screaming fans and a slow soft drum beat that progressively sped up. The crowd’s hearts pounded as the anticipation grew. As the drum-beat quickened, the lights came on and Whitechapel pressed the metal pedal to the proverbial core. Like sharks drawn to prey, the concert goers were drawn to the massive mosh pit in the crowd. Front-man Phil Bozeman, made sure to enunciate his powerful lyrics; making sure every syllable was felt by the audience. Their performance was not only electrifying, but their music was as blinding as the dizzying light-show behind them.


Night headliners – and the most controversial yet followed band in the death metal scene for decades – Cannibal Corpse came out swinging for the fences, with their barrage of riffs pummeling through a pitch black stage. The electric tone of guitars rang throughout the venue, the pounding of drums resonating in the audience’s chests, and all finished off with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher‘s guttural screams, which could easily being described as the laments of a tortured soul. The band-members moved around the stage, while George stayed mostly still; except for his signature head-banging and wind-milling, an superhuman exercise of adrenaline that was mimicked by fans of all ages, banging their heads as the band conjured some of their best and most brutal metal anthems.

Despite being seasoned performers, Cannibal Corpse‘s performance exuded commitment and they proved one more time that if devastating music is the goal they are very hard to match. Absolutely one of the best metal shows I have ever witnessed, these guys remain as a must-see live act for fans of unadulterated metal. To sum up the night, one word comes to mind: brutal – and that’s in a good way!




  1. Charles warmack on

    Cannibal is definitely one of the best ever,now I want to be just the dust that in the air they breathe, scourge of iron,is amazing ruthless,there approach is relentless..the are the apidamy if what death core should be,also morbid angel,obituary,emmure, Whitechapel,and Six feet under..Thanks for all the grind and grime…

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