Author Rafael Barbosa

I was born in Vitoria, Brazil in 1984. My mom is a piano teacher and music was always present in my childhood. But in 1998 when my friend introduced me to an Offspring song, my passion for music started to really develop. After that, Metallica was the band who really changed the game for me. And then the Internet hit and thousands of new bands and songs invaded my head. But one major thing was missing: a concert. This is a big problem if you live in a small city in South America! But in 2004 I caught a bus to São Paulo to see Iron Maiden and that gave me a new passion in life. Going deep in all the rock/metal genders, progressive rock really hit my heart. I fell in love when I saw a Dream Theater's DVD. Unfortunately, I soon found out how rare is for prog-rock bands to visit South America, and in 2010 I took my first international trip to see Transatlantic in Berlin. I couldn’t describe all the emotions. I was overwhelmed! When I went back to Brazil I decided to go back to Europe in 2 weeks to watch Transatlantic again in London It was the best decision of my life! And I did that for a long time: Madrid, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, NYC. There were amazing concerts all over the place! And in 2011, I was in NYC to see Anthrax and I meet a guy from Portugal who 2 years later invited me to work with him. I couldn’t say no! I left my life in Brazil and moved to New York. I started from zero and had to learn a new culture, a different language and all new people. It was a difficult transition and forced me to re-think my decisions. But, the draw of the concerts was what got me through. I could simply take a train to Brooklyn or Manhattan and get lost in the music. In 2016 my wife and I decided to move West to the good weather and the laid back lifestyle. San Diego was the final destination. Music has been present in all the great memories of my life. It is the reason for so many of my most important decisions. Like a BBF, music never disappoints me!