High Spirits – Hard to Stop (Album Review)

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After releasing three solo albums simultaneously last year, multi-instrumentalist Chris “The Professor” Black, returns with a new record called “Hard To Stop” with his high-energy rock project High Spirits. In such album, Chris Black continues to showcase his inexhaustible ability to perform catchy anthems with his straight-forward hard rock approach, reflecting sincere and daily feelings in every piece. 

“Hard to Stop” is not only a musical work. It is also a sonic resonance about our own lives, one the listener can feel related to from its very first note. Heartbreaks, loss, and several painful emotions are present through the album. However, it does not portray a gloomy atmosphere or a futile attempt to escape from a hopeless bottomless pit. On the contrary, “Hard To Stop” contains a thunderous uplifting will to overcome such desperate times and set off on a journey to reach new beginnings.

Despite suffering a break-up, “Since You’ve Been Gone” concentrates on the bright side of what the relationship meant and how those memories can help to hold on and eventually move forward. The song starts with a pure heavy metal guitar riff that quickly becomes heavier as the rest of the instruments join, impregnating a tense atmosphere to it, which Black´s harmonious voice will settle. A simple “let´s go” might be cathartic for anyone passing through an experience like this. It is a confirmation that you are not alone and that your pain can be shared. In this song, such phrase makes way to the liberating musical bridge that will keep you headbanging until the end.

“Hard To Stop” continues to explore yearning desires through their brilliant hard rock songs. There are some pieces in the record that channels a burning hunger for freedom and the unstoppable will to fully enjoy being alive. Such is the case of “Restless”, a catchy radio-friendly song that could become a hit. Its melodic essence makes such piece the perfect soundtrack for a full-speed road trip, where the wind hits right in the face, and the refreshing sea breeze increases the excitement of the experience. 

“Midnight Sun” is another call to enjoy life. All of us struggle every day in some way. We all have our concerns and problems. However, as the main riff is building through the sustained chords, Professor Black reminds us that no matter what disastrous moments we are going through, we can still experience joy. But how can we achieve this? Chris seems to have the answer as he shouts: “And it goes like this¨. The magical moment of the song happens when a harmonized a cappella chorus appears and empowers everyone who is struggling with its message. While hearing it, I could not stop picturing myself attending a High Spirits’ concert, shouting my heart out while singing along, feeling sorry for the eardrums of the guy next to me.  

“Hard to Stop” Album Artwork

Every track in “Hard To Stop” provides an introspective view of diverse problems from daily life that listeners will quickly feel related. If you add brilliant hard rock and substantial melodies to the equation, the result is an unforgettable album that celebrates life. 

I am still not sure which I am going to do first of all the things I look forward to doing once the lockdown is over, but one thing is sure: it will involve a song from “Hard To Stop”. After months of being isolated, “We Are Everywhere”“Midnight Song” or “Restless” feel like excellent choices to play in my car while driving to visit my long-missed family and friends. 

Released by: High Roller Records
Released Date: July 31st, 2020
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal


All music performed by Chris Black

 “Hard To Stop” Track-Listing: 

  1. Since You’ve Been Gone
  2. Restless
  3. Face to Face
  4. Hearts Will Burn
  5. Voice in the Wind
  6. All Night Long
  7. Midnight Sun
  8. Now I Know
  9. We Are Everywhere
8.5 Excellent

With their new album, High Spirits keeps disseminating human nature through pure and melodic high-energy rock. Professor Black confirms himself as a “Hard To Stop” musical and creative force who provides the perfect soundtrack to overcome any struggle we may find on the road, while seeking to enjoy and celebrate life fully

  • Songwriting 8.5
  • Musicianship 8.5
  • Originality 8.5
  • Production 8.5

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