DIRTY HONEY – Can’t Find The Brakes (Album Review)

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In their latest album, “Can’t Find the Breaks,” Dirty Honey offers an exhilarating journey back to the golden era of classic rock, rekindling the spirits of rock legends. Their music exudes raw power, capable of reviving the soul of this timeless genre. With spine-tingling guitar solos, infectious high-energy tracks, and emotionally charged lyrics, this album is a comprehensive sonic experience that encompasses the essence of classic rock.

“Can’t Find the Breaks” skillfully curates a collection of anthems that effortlessly whisk listeners away to the ambiance of a 1970s bedroom, where the excitement of placing the vinyl on the turntable for the very first time fills the air. Skillfully, Dirty Honey channels the essence of legendary artists like Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and more.

What sets Dirty Honey apart is their ability to infuse this timeless sound with a contemporary twist. This twist becomes readily apparent in tracks like ‘Don’t You Put Out the Fire’ and ‘Can’t Find the Breaks.’ In these cuts, classic rock guitar solos seamlessly intermingle with captivating and crystal-clear harmonious vocals, a production feat that’s not easily achieved. Furthermore, the band weaves together intricate bass, drum, and guitar progressions in a way that’s seldom seen within a single track, underscoring the exceptional talent of Dirty Honey.

The album shines in terms of production quality. ‘Won’t Take Me Alive’ is another high-energy rock track, where Marc‘s vocals blend with the energetic music, enhanced by a touch of reverb. Each song here is meticulously balanced, allowing you to feel the thump of the bass drum, visualize the scorching guitar solos, and savor the crisp and clear vocals. The studio work on this album truly paid off.

One of Dirty Honey‘s feats is their ability to balance high-octane rock anthems with poignant emotional ballads. Tracks like ‘Dirty Mind’ and ‘Coming Home’ exemplify this duality. ‘Dirty Mind’ immediately grabs you with its energy, leaving a lasting imprint that keeps you humming along. In contrast, ‘Coming Home’ stands out for its beauty, an acoustic ballad dripping with emotion. Few artists can successfully strike such a balance within one album, but Dirty Honey certainly accomplishes this in ‘Can’t Find the Breaks’.

“Can’t Find the Breaks” Artwork

The standout feature of this album is undoubtedly the vocals. Marc‘s powerful vocal delivery is as invigorating as Steven Tyler‘s, showcasing an impressive range that’s a sheer delight to listen to. While Marc takes the lead, the backup vocals in tracks like ‘Get a Little High’ and ‘Satisfied’ add an extra layer of complexity to an already multifaceted album. These harmonies exemplify the deep passion and synergy between the band members.

One of the album’s highlights is the track ‘Roam’, a poetic composition that seamlessly incorporates various elements to craft a beautiful, contemplative ballad. The song takes a more introspective turn, both lyrically and instrumentally, with the steady drumwork providing a foundation to the song that also mimics the lyrics “waves crashing on the shore.” A sense of responsibility and longing is conveyed in this track. Leaving the listener introspective, and wondering where they, themselves are roaming.

In a nutshell, “Can’t Find the Breaks” is a modern-day rock ‘n’ roll gem. It’s an album that features a diverse array of sing-along anthems, emotional depth, and a rich instrumental tapestry that puts the band’s exceptional talents on full display. Dirty Honey has not only resurrected classic rock but has infused it with a modern edge, making it feel fresh and invigorating. This album is a must-listen for anyone yearning for the unadulterated spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Released By: Dirt Records
Release Date: November 3rd, 2023
Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock


  • Marc LaBelle / Vocals
  • John Notto / Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
  • Justin Smolian / Bass, Acoustic Guitar
  • Jaydon Bean / Drums, Percussion

“Can’t Find The Brakes” Track-Listing:

  1. Don’t Put Out the Fire
  2. Won’t Take Me Alive
  3. Dirty Mind
  4. Roam
  5. Get A Little High
  6. Coming Home (Ballad of The Shire)
  7. Can’t Find The Brakes
  8. Satisfied
  9. Ride On
  10. You Make It All Right
  11. Rebel Son

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9.1 Excellent

Dirty Honey returns with a powerful new album, poised to infuse their unique twist into the enduring classic rock genre. Their latest offering is a thrilling and emotionally charged experience that brilliantly showcases their musicianship. Marc's vocals, as always, are a sheer delight, and this album is like opening a box of exquisite chocolates, each track a delicious treat in its own right.

  • Songwriting 8
  • Musicianship 10
  • Originality 9
  • Production 9.5

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