Collective Soul – Vibrating (Album Review)

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Collective Soul are on a roll, jumping from one success to another as their studio albums continue to impress. Many bands who made it big decades ago have the option of just hitting cruise control, pleasing the crowds with nostalgic hits and not much else. While there’s plenty of old chestnuts in a Collective Soul live set, the true mark of a vibrant band is revealed by what they are able to continue creating. “Vibrating” is the proof that this band are writing material that’s just as relevant – and fun – as anything they’ve put out previously. Following up from their excellent tenth album “Blood” (and indeed, originally meant to be included with the “Blood” material as a double album), Collective Soul demonstrates that the pandemic hasn’t slowed them down in the least and that they’re here to stay.

The album starts with some heavy hitters as if the band still had something to prove. “Cut the Cord” aims to get heads banging with an almost mosh-pit frenzy. The punk ethos of the verses later gets reined in with a catchy classic chorus, a band signature. Have these guys aged at all? “Reason” continues in the same vein, the intro lick delivered on double guitars before the band kicks in. Having made their point, “All Our Pieces” shifts into pop-hit territory, a radio-friendly bopper that is arranged for maximum appeal.

As good as the opening foray is, the rest of the album is where things get more interesting and creative. “Take” runs the gamut from a chunky “Smells Like Teen Spirit” rhythm guitar riff to a laid-back but potent chorus, while “Undone” starts out understated but ends up as one of the best songs on the album with a bit of a psychedelic middle section and great dual guitar solo.

“Vibrating” Album Artwork

Ed Roland’s voice sounds as strong and warm as ever, inviting the listener in to sing along on virtually every chorus like the wonderfully addictive “Looking Around” and the love-pleading “Rule #1”. Still, on “Back Again” he channels his inner Bowie with a lower register delivery that is both hypnotic and devastating, one of the album’s standouts. Roland’s songwriting remains impressive with this collection and the full band equally impressive in its execution; each member is spot on but stays in their lane, resulting in a cohesive group effort.

There’s not a track to be skipped on “Vibrating” and at a 41 minute running time it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Rather, this is the perfectly designed and executed rock album for any year…the fact that it’s album #11 after 30 years together makes it even that more impressive.

Released By: Fuzze-Flex Records
Release Date: August 12th, 2022
Genre:  Alt Rock


  • Ed Roland / Vocals, guitar
  • Dean Roland / Rhythm guitar
  • Will Turpin / Bass, background vocals
  • Jesse Triplett / Lead guitar, background vocals
  • Johnny Rabb / Drums, background vocals

“Vibrating” track-listing:

  1. Cut The Cord
  2. Reason  
  3. All Our Pieces  
  4. Take  
  5. Undone  
  6. Rule No. 1  
  7. A Conversation With  
  8. Just Looking Around 
  9. Back Again  
  10. Where Do I Go 

“Vibrating” is now available for purchase here

8.6 Excellent

After 30 years together, Collective Soul proves that age can indeed make you stronger as they release a new top-notch new album, "Vibrating." Continuing where previous release "Blood" left off, the band is firing on all cylinders, rocking out to Ed Roland’s inspired and catchy songwriting. If you loved them back in the day, there’s plenty more where that came from

  • Songwriting 9
  • Musicianship 8.5
  • Originality 8
  • Production 9
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